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Salamander Sisters Occult Goods and Services

is owned and operated by

Rev. Jacqui Newman, HPs

& The Coven of the Inner Heart.

Each of our witches all possess considerable power and prowess in the Arts Magickal.

Daily rituals are performed in house, that bring our talents, experience and real Witchcraft to our clients.

We draw from traditions ranging from Strega, Voodoo, Jewish Mysticism, Ceremonial Magick, Celtic, Greek, Satanism, Kitchen & Hearth Witchery and our own family traditions.

We have a warehouse overflowing with all the items you need for your Left or Right hand path rituals.

We offer a full menu of Occult Services, products, tarot readings, spell services and rituals to all those wishing to experience real Witchcraft. 

PayPal, MasterCard & Visa Accepted.

We ship anywhere in the USA! 

If you have any questions, to place an order, book your tarot readings or schedule a service with us you may contact us at 978.338.5630 or e-mail us at salamandersisters@yahoo.com 


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