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Quotes I have been a skeptic all my life. For whatever reason, the universe presented me Jacqui Newman. My entire life I have been struggling with gifts that I did not understand, and my upbringing prevented any true understanding. I came in for a reading and am now a believer and practitioner of magick. Jacqui gave me a fuller understanding of the universe and a friendship that goes beyond words. Her business deserves to flourish as she is capable of rewarding many people in the community, as she has me. Thank you for everything. Quotes
Rich LaFave
Past Master, Liberty Lodge

Quotes The reason I'm a confirmed believer in magic is Jacqui Newman. I have know Jacqui for almost 22 years now and her power impresses and amazes me to this day. Be it spiritual guidence to wealth or love, Jacqui has yet to disappoint. When I had no faith, she made me a believer. When I have veered off my path, she has gently guided, sometimes even shoved me back in the right direction. More importantly, Jacqui has served as a role model and source of strength with her visionary insights and sarcastic wit and charm. Recently, I've hit some rough patches and Jacqui has been there to help. After months and months of job searching in a new location, no leads and no responses, frustrated and desperate because I've run out of resources and funds, I contactedJacqui for help. Within 2hrs, I received a phone call for an interview and landed the job two days later. Jacqui managed that from over 2,000 miles away! I am fortunate to have Jacqui as my advisor, but honored to have her as a friend Quotes

Quotes I've been around this all of my life and have always been skeptical. When I met Jaqui Newman instantly things started to go the way they should. I got an amazing job, found a brother and cousin I never knew, and while making the same amount of money it seems I have more. Some day I'll be brave enough to ask her what is in store for me but for now she has turned a skeptic into a believer and I'm glad to have crossed paths with her! Quotes

Quotes I would first like to say that I started out as a skeptic. I went back to school in hopes of a career change and at graduation purchased a career potion. I never thought that it would work. I can honestly say that I haven't applied or even looked for a job without my potion. I have ordered more and encouraged friends to try, results have continued to be positive. I highly recommend Jacqui Newman's services!! Quotes

Quotes I never had in interest in getting my tarot cards read before but when groupon had the offer a friend and I couldn't resist. My session with Jacqui Newman was amazing. She did so much more than just read the cards and I cannot wait for my next visit. Quotes

Quotes Jacqui Newman is incredible. I could not believe how accurately she read the situations and people in my life. I appreciated her intuition and advice, I will definitely go back to see her. Quotes
Satisfied Customer

Quotes if you are a skeptic (like i was) you need to come to salamander sisters and see for yourself! there is a power out there and they undoubtedly have found a way to tap into it. they are good people. you can come into the shop, visit jacqui newman and have a good experience with magic. Quotes
greg n
Healing and Mojo Bag Services

Quotes I want to thank Jacqui for her help. The reiki really helped and the healing soap. Jacqui is still helping me. Quotes
Tara M
Satisfied customer

Quotes Came across Jacqui through groupon had my reading by phone and I loved it! she on point on everything she said past,present so I'm pretty sure she's right about my future,,,she's really friendly gives good advices....I loved her and my reading even tho she said some bad stuff lol... Thank you...I. Will return Quotes
Amazing,best experience ever

Quotes I've been to different spiritual people before, and nothing worked. When i met Jacqui Newman i saw changes within a few days, my rainstorms were slowly decreasing. Now a few months later; my life is back together. If your looking to start all over and leave negativity/baggage behind.. this is the right person to go to. Thank You Quotes
New Chapter
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