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Quotes I went to the shop off a whim with some friends and I was a bit skeptical after a bad experience in high school. Jacqui Newman was exactly who I needed to change my mind. Her readings were spot on and gave me some valuable insight. She was professional, friendly, and right! I will 100% be referring friends and returning myself! Quotes

Quotes I walked out of my meeting with Jacqui Newman absolutely befuddled. She kept on bringing up this "love" in my life and asking about it. I insisted I had nobody and that she must be mistaken. She insisted back that it was such a strong feeling that I was going to be reunited with my love. She asked about my last relationship. I explained to her that it was a very good one but that he has since married. She said that she sees him returning to me and that we were going to be together. She even said some other things about him. I kept doubting it because I didn't see my last relationship returning to me. Well, I was right but she was "more" right than I was. She was picking up on someone I knew that I didn't even see. He's a friend of mine for many years that I've been ignoring romantically. When I put all the pieces together I knew I was focused on the wrong guy but what she said absolutely describes my relationship with and situation with the "right" guy. Quotes
A believer

Quotes Jaqui Newman is amazing, I called as a desperate cry for help. My back is fused at the bottom of the lumbar region and I have very limited mobility. We have been working for a couple months, which coincided with my previous Dr refusing to refill any pain medications. If it wasn't for Jaqui Newman I would've been in the ER more Thanksgiving the 2 times I did. With no Pain meds, just Jaqui's work My worst side kept improving. I mentioned I couldn't understand why they couldn't see there was something wrong and calling me a junkie. Long story short, my new Dr managed to see in the same imaging and through his examination that I have 3 more vertebrae damaged. Without the reiki for the time the old Dr refused to fill out meds, finding new Dr, and getting insurance to approve.. I would've been in excruciating pain, but I had Jaqui Newman helping long distance. Thank you is not nearly enough. Bright Blessings, Quotes
Happy Reiki energy custer

Quotes I recently became acquainted with Jacqui Newman for the first time. I was in search of an advisor, someone who practices the psychic arts. When I had my first tarot reading with Jacqui Newman I felt an instant rapport?she has a calming nature. She offered me the most specific and personal insights into my life I have ever heard, and my mind was reeling from the experience in the best way possible. I returned a month later seeking more insight into a complex situation in my personal life that had been developing since our first session together. Again she gave me very straightforward, insightful, and clear directions in my path to clearing this up. I cannot say how much I value her insights. She is a gifted individual. Quotes
Exceptional experience

Quotes Jacqui Newman is amazing. Had a terrific reading with her which affirmed some things I already was feeling. She's encouraging, insightful, smart and very very kind. Run to her for a reading. You'll be glad you did! Quotes

Quotes My tarot reading was a wonderful surprise. Though I live in Beverly i didn't know of the Wanderlust Market shop, and was introduced through Groupon. So happy this happened. My reading answered a question I have been wrestling with for quite a while. Jacqui Newman was able to tell me what would happen if I chose this path, so now I have the confidence if I choose to do this. She was also able to answer some other questions I have in my life. Thank you! Quotes
Linda Goodspeed
A Very Satisfying Experience

Quotes I've come to know Jacqui Newman through the recommendation of a friend. I've had several readings with Jacqui Newman and I just love her! She has always been extremely accurate, very kind, insightful and professional. I appreciate her sensitivity, her quick responses to my concerns & questions as well as her advice. All I can say is WOW! she really does a fantastic job! Anybody looking for a wonderful psychic who is there to help look no further then Jacqui Newman! Jacqui Newman is fantastic and I hope to use her services again in the future. Thanks Jacqui for all of your help and thanks for sharing your gift! Tracey Quotes

Quotes I was psyched when groupon offered your tarot reading. I'm not new to psychic readings. Jacqui Newman was positive and thorough. She answered all the questions I asked of her. Now I have to see if a few key points really happen. I'll be back. Quotes
groupon customer

Quotes I've been wanting to get my cards read for a while and when I came upon the Groupon deal that was recently being offered, I knew I had to take advantage of that. I'm really glad I did. Jacqui Newman read my cards with uncanny accuracy - and I loved it. Her reading was very much an eye opener for me, and her advise I know came from an "I'm looking out for you" perspective. I'm very much looking forward to our next meeting! Thank you, Jacqui. Quotes
More than what I expected!

Quotes I was nervous and a bit skeptical when I made my appointment for my tarot reading with Jacqui Newman, but I could not have been more satisfied! She made me feel instantly comfortable and at ease; she is a warm and intuitive person, and I was shocked at how detailed and helpful the reading was. I expected the stereotypically vague "psychic" foolishness that you see on TV, but this was nothing of the sort. She is truly gifted! Quotes