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Mini Taper Candle


These candles are 4"h

Red          $3.00              

Yellow     $3.00               

Blue         $3.00              

Dk Green  $3.00           

Lt Green  $3.00            

Orange    $3.00             

Lavender  $3.00           

Pink           $3.00           

Brown       $3.00           

Black        $3.00            

White       $3.00            

Maroon   $3.00           

Gold Mini Taper (Luxury and Confidence) $4.00 


Taper Candles


These candles are 6"h 

White Taper Candle (Purification) $4.00 

Black Taper Candle (Protection and Binding) $4.00 

Brown Taper Candle (Ending Relationships and Grounding) $4.00 

Pink Taper Candle (Love and Friendship) $4.00 

Purple Taper Candle (Healing, Peace and Psychic Ability) $4.00 

Blue Taper Candle (Wealth, Expansion, Healing and Anti-Nightmare) $4.00 

Green Taper Candle (Cash, Gambling Luck, Abundance and Prosperity) $4.00 

Yellow Taper Candle (Weight Loss and Will Power) $4.00 

Orange Taper Candle (Communication and Happiness) $4.00 

Red Taper Candle (Sensuality and Seduction) $4.00