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Mojo Bags


Taken from "Emotional Journey", Mojo Bags are small cloth bags with various magical ingredients inside. The bags are carried on the left side of your body for the first week. The bags are then carried in your purse or pocket to remind you of your goals. It is believed that when you carry this bag close, your aura will take in all of the energies from the bag, subconsciously directing you to your goals.  

Custom Crafted Mojo Bag 

If you feel your situation warrants special attention, or you just don't want to make it yourself, we will be happy to hand craft a mojo bag for your specific goal or condition.

Please let us know what you would like to use the mojo bag for in the notes section at checkout.

Instructions included. 

Since this is a custom working, we will email you when your mojo will be ready based on the current moon and planetary alignments.

Custom Crafted Mojo Bag   $50.00