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Oils by Salamander Sisters


Bergamot Oil (2 dram)

Use to attract money and to bring clarity to any situation.



Cinnamon Oil (2 Dram)

Use to Raise Spiritual Vibrations, healing, draws money and stimulates psychic powers.


Eucalyptus Oil (2 Dram)

Use for Healing and Protection.


Jasmine Oil (2 Dram)

Use for Love, Money and Prophetic Dreams.


Lavender Oil (2 Dram)

Use for Love, Protection, Sleep, Chastity, Longevit, Purification, Happiness and Peace.


Myrrh Oil (2 Dram)

Use for Protection, Exorcism, Healing and Spirituality.


Nag Champa Oil (2 Dram)

Use for meditation and Peace.


Orange Oil (2 Dram)

Use for Love, Divination, Luck and Money.


Patchouli Oil (2 Dram)

Use for Money, Fertility and Lust.


Rose Oil (2 Dram)

Use for Love, Psychic Powers, Healing, Love Divination, Luck and Protection.


Rosemary Oil (2 Dram)

Use for Protection, Love, Lust, Mental Powers, Exorcism, Purification, Healing, Sleep and Youth.


Tea Tree Oil (2 Dram)

Use for Healing, Draw Money and Mental Powers.


Vetiver Oil (2 Dram)

Use for Love, Hex Breaking, Luck, Money and Anti-Theft.


Florida Water (9 fl. oz.)

Use for spiritual services, purification, and cleansing; it is also a cooling wash, an aid to headache relief, and a lovely perfume. 


Hoyt's Cologne (3/4 oz.)

Use to good luck to gamblers and to dress your mojo bag.


Hoyt's Cologne (2 oz.)

Use to bring good luck to gamblers and to dress your mojo bag.


Magically Mixed Oils & Potions by Jacqui Newman

 3 Kings Oil (2 Dram)

Use to bring Good Luck to all areas of your life.


#13 Love Potion (2 Dram)

Use to attract love and to dominate romantic situations.


Lugh Oil (2 Dram)

Use this to draw in Cash, Prosperity and Success.


Magically Mixed Hoodoo Oils & Potions 


Black Cat Oil (2 Dram)

Use for Good Luck in Gambling and to Reverse Bad Luck.


Crown of Success Oil (2 Dram)

Use to Succeed and Gain Recognition for any and all of your efforts.


Follow Me Boy Oil (2 Dram)

Use to dominate and conquer in any love situation.



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