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Potions & Baths

Handcrafted Magical Potions Made Especially For You!

Made during the correct planetary hours for maximum power.

Each potion is blessed with a specific ritual. 

Please choose from the following potions:

Love, Money, Healing, Sex, Career, Jinxing, Gossip Stopper, Lottery, Boss Fix.

Type your choice in the notes section at checkout. 

$15.00 per 2 dram bottle 

 Hoodoo Root Baths Specifically For Your Condition!

If you feel that negativity is around you or if things are not going as easily as they used to, it may be time for a Hoodoo Root Bath. 

Used in the Southern Conjure traditions to cleanse your Aura of Negativity and to Bless your Body with Healing from specific problems at hand, these Handcrafted herbal baths come with directions for use.

Each one is packaged in a muslin bag, and has a blessed white candle included.

Please call us at 978.338.5630 before ordering this product to discuss your specific Condition. We will advise you how to proceed.