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Spiritual Consultations, Spells Other Services


Tarot Consultation          

This is a Tarot Consultation.

Prices are per 15 minute session.

You may book as many 15 minute sessions as you like.


Setting of Lights


We will "bless and dress" a candle just for you for love, romance, sex, good health, prosperity, legal matters, more ambition, good luck... etc. and light it on one of our working altars every day for one week.

In Hoodoo practice, the way a candle behaves while burning is a good indication of the energies around the specific working.

We will email or call you with a short bit of information about how your candle has burned and our suggestions about how to proceed, if needed!

*Price includes candle and short consultation at the end of the working.  When purchasing this service, please note your full name, date, email, phone number and intention on the paypal screen.*


Spell Services

If you would like us to perform a spell just for you, there is a fee.

We will decide to work with you on a case by case basis.

We will personally craft a spell to fit your needs.

Our spells range in price from $50.00 to $1,000.00

Click to visit our testimonials page and read about our workings! 

Please call our shop 978.338.5630 for more information. 

Psychic Parties

We offer Psychics for your personal or business events.

Prices start at $60.00 per per person per 15 minutes for parties with 9 or fewer guests.

For parties with 10 - 15 guests the price is $50.00 per person per 15minutes and the host/ess gets 15 minutes for free.


Prices do not include gratuity.

To avoid confusion and to ensure an enjoyable experience for your guests, total payment is due along with CONFIRMED FINAL guest count ONE (1) week before your party date.

  **We do not offer refunds.**


Please call 978.338.5630 to book your party

or to find out more information.


Confession is always private and confidential.

Confession is heard by one of our Ordained Reverands

at 4pm Tuesday-Saturday by calling 978.338.5630

There is no fee for Confession,

however donations are always appreciated.